• Sex Gangs Operating In The Child Care System - Why Didn't People Come Forward.

    The predicable response from many politicians since the Rotherham Child Care sex scandal blew up in the faces of the smug, self serving establishment has been to feign surprise and say, "But why didn't people come forward sooner?"

    The fact is that as we saw in the Jimmy Savile scandal, people were coming forward, people were voicing suspicions and they were insulted, ridiculed and humiliated.

    When The Guardian's feminist columnist Julie Bindel wrote about the exploitation of vulnerable young girls unfortunate enough to find themselves the the child - care system, not just in Rotherham but in big towns all around the nation (because this is not a one off problem) she was subjected to something resembling a medieval witch hunt by the Politically Correct screechers.

    When former Labour MP Anne Cryer raised the issue of exploitation in her west Yorkshire constituency she was silenced by party officials on the grounds that the problem was 'racially sensitive'.

    Another Labour MP, Jack Straw, spoke publicly about a problem existing in his Blackburn constituence. Straw who served in Tony Blair's cabinet as both Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary was a bit too senior for the witch hunt treatment, as was David Blunkett, former Labour Education Secretary when he spoke of law and order problems relating to immigrant communities. It may just be coincidence that both these senior Labour figures have decided to stand down from parliament at the next election.

    There is a lot more to come on this issue, it is likely to run all the way to the General Election next year and will very likely impact Conservative as well as Labour run towns and cities.

    Keep following Little Nicky Machiavelli, Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer for the latest news, including all the stuff our leaders and the left wing luvvies in mainstream media don't want you to know about.

    There are of course ongoing investigations into grooming rings in Rochdale and Bradford. Rochdale MP Stephen Danczuk, having already blown open the Cyril Smith scandal has said this latest outrage will dwarf stories of Smith's wrongdoing. Danczuk is becoming something of a crusader on sex crimes and the culture of cover up in public life as can be seen in this Daily Telegraph story

    Rotherham - Bad New For The Nation But It Gets Better And Better For The Kippers
    Centralized power - the worst of all possible worlds
    EU Paedophile To Investigaste Himself
    Why the left loves paedophiles
    Labour Out Of The Closet
    Identitites on parade
    Equalities bill unfair to everyone equally
    Intellectuals have always hated the working class
    Rotherham: The Shit Hits The Fan

  • Anne Cryer on asian paedophile rings

    This is not a real post, just a mash up of stuff clipped from other sources for my future reference really.

    A former Labour MP has blamed the Oxford paedophile ring on "cultural practices" that have been "imported" from Pakistan.

    Ann Cryer was criticised after drawing parallels with the abuse in Oxford and what she claimed was the Pakistani attitude towards women.

    Seven men were found guilty of a catalogue of offences after the Old Bailey heard how the vulnerable schoolgirls were plucked from the streets and care homes to be drugged, raped and sold into prostitution.

    Two sets of brothers, Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, and Mohammed Karrar, 38, and Bassam Karrar, 33, were convicted along with Kamar Jamil, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27.

    Five of the men were of British Pakistani origin, and two were from North Africa.

    Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Sara Thornton warned about making generalisations about the men's background, saying similar abuse can happen "across the community."

    But Cryer, who has campaigned on child grooming issues, said: "It's cultural practices that have been imported into this country from Pakistan and we must not lose sight of that fact.

    "We can't just turn a blind eye to it."

    The truth about 'Asian sex gangs'
    Despite the conviction of nine Asian men for child exploitation in Rochdale and worrying signs in the statistics, racial profiling won't help potential victims

    In January 2011 the Times proclaimed a "conspiracy of silence" around groups of Pakistani men sexually exploiting white British girls. Political correctness and fear of appearing racist had trumped child protection, the paper claimed.

    Soon the terms "Pakistani" and "Asian" were being conflated, much to the disgruntlement of other British Asians and a heated media debate ensued around the "Asian sex gang" problem. Former Labour cabinety minister Jack Straw demanded the Pakistani community take responsibility, while BNP leader Nick Griffin gleefully decried "Muslim paedophilia", campaigning with natty slogans such as "Our children are not halal meat". The EDL were regulars at major trials: either in the courtroom taking notes or outside spitting hate.

    The defendants in question are at most nominally Muslim. Practising Muslims certainly aren't supposed to have sex with children. But race has proved a contentious and enduring feature of this crime's coverage. Opinions have been vociferous and commentators have rushed to explain a racial profile that is yet to be established clearly. And there have been official studies and action plans. Today saw the culmination of a major investigation, the latest in a series of high-profile trials involving large groups of adults sexually exploiting British children. All nine of those found guilty of crimes in the area of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, had conspicuously Asian names.

    As researchers specialising in this crime, we are repeatedly asked: "Are on-street groomers Pakistani?" The honest answer is yes and no. There is still no reliable estimate of the number of "on-street groomers" nationwide, let alone of their ethnicity. Crime is usually measured using police or court records. Those on-street grooming cases that are actually reported are difficult to disentangle from other crimes. This is because on-street grooming is not a criminal offence. Instead, cases are charged under a wide variety of offences, from rape to internal sex trafficking to false imprisonment.




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    She was "criticized for saying this?" by who? People from pakistan? People from the muslim culture think anyone who doesn't follow islam is going to hell so treat them at best indifferently and at their worst hate us and our culture. For many years working in a foreign student night club I saw and had to deal with muslim men treating British women in a disgusting way. Every time you challenged them on it they always said " so what look at her she is like a prostitute" We shouldn't have ever let these animals emigrate here in such large numbers. Our governments have destroyed the British identity and damaged our country for ever.
    15 May 2013 18:47



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    Ms Thornton dismissed suggestions she should resign over the failings.

    Speaking earlier on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, she said: "We were responding to each case individually. Nobody sat down and put the picture together."

    Why not? Is that not whats needed to catch gangs, don't the police look for similarities, don't they profile crime and criminals or in oxford do they all leave it to Inspector Morse and Lewis??? Pathetic bunch of incompetents
    15 May 2013 16:09




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    "Nobody sat down and put the picture together.... Why not? Is that not whats needed to catch gangs, don't the police look for similarities, don't they profile crime and criminals or in oxford do they all leave it to Inspector Morse and Lewis???"

    Because that would mean generalising and that's the one thing that PC Plod cannot do in this day and age!
    15 May 2013 16:30


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    Today Jeremy Vine had a discussion on this. The NSPCC man was in total denial that this was cultural or religious and came out with the silly stat that more white men than Pakistanis abuse girls. An Imam challenged him on this and said time for the Mosques and Churches to stop this politically correct "shilly shallying around" and face up to the problem. He said this is racial, cultural and religious and men like this see white girls as pieces of meat. He said the services are scared of being called racist and that simply is not good enough. He was an excellent breath of fresh air and no doubt will wind up being slated by Muslims and the p.c. brigade. The NSPCC man told him he was talking rubbish. He should be fired, because with those ignorant beliefs he is part of the problem. The Imam was so right on it was superb.
    15 May 2013 18:48




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    i listened to Jeremy Vine today also .........never thought i would ever say this .......but total respect to the imam he had on .......he said it how it was, and explained, what a lot of British people have been saying ........but to scared too.
    15 May 2013 19:31


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    Ann Cryer is right. Not only muslims, but every ethnic group have brought their own prejudices and moral values into this country. They are entitled to this say some.

    Yet when those moral values/prejudices/customs clash with ours, what do they do? They do what they would do in their own country according to their own ideas. This is wrong, and they quite simply should not be here.

    I went over to S. Africa in 1966, and lived there for 10 years. I often had different ideas on certain things. If I had a pound (or should I say rand) for every time I was told when in Rome, or if you don't like it, you know where the airport is.

    The ethnics coming here should be treated the same. They come here, we do not invite them.If they don't like the way we do things, than they should have taken that into account and stayed away.

    In particular our women are not common property to be treated in any way that a man chooses. Women are in every way the equal of men. Not chattels to be beaten, gang raped, sold on, used to make money out of.

    We are seeing the end result (on of them) of Blair's great social experiment.
    16 May 2013 10:09


    Owen Mcgarvey (lordmak)


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    full english cities are now no go areas for the police or social services. now we know why.
    16 May 2013 12:39


    Gangs, Girls and Grooming: The Truth

    December 2010
    At Sheffield Crown Court throughout September and October, eight men sat in the dock accused of rape and other sexual crimes against four girls, three aged 13 and one 16. The case resulted in five being convicted and three acquitted. All of the eight defendants were Pakistani Muslims and the girls white British. Does this matter? Not for the reasons the British National Party would have us believe, but it is nonetheless significant.

    Razwan Razaq, 30, his 24-year-old brother Umar, Muhammed Zafran Ramzan, 21, Adil Hussain, 20, and Mohsin Khan, 21, were sent to prison for between four-and-a-half to 11 years.

    The crimes were committed in and around Rotherham, a fairly typical south Yorkshire town. Although unemployment is fairly high, Rotherham is now also a popular summer visitors' destination when All Saints Square is transformed into a seaside beach. Every month, there is a farmers' market that sells produce from local farmers and traders, and Jamie Oliver's TV series, Jamie's Ministry of Food, tried to teach the town's inhabitants to establish healthy eating as part of daily life.

    But many parents are concerned far more with the safety of their children than with organic food. Rotherham, along with many other towns, cities and villages in northern England has become infected with the vile activities of criminal gangs using children as currency. While child sexual abuse occurs in every community and culture, what is happening in Rotherham and elsewhere in Yorkshire and Lancashire is organised pimping of girls by Asian gangs who trade their victims for cash and favours.

    "These men all know and trust each other," says Jane, the mother of one of the victims. "They don't abuse these girls because they are Muslim, but because they are criminals who think they are above the law."

    Although there is no hard evidence of financial gain in the Rotherham case, child protection professionals tell me that the pattern in such cases is that the girls are traded for cash as well as favours between criminals. A number of the gangs operating in the region have found that the sharp drop in the price of drugs has led them to losing considerable income, and that selling girls is increasingly filling the gap.

    Grooming: Merely a Pakistani issue?
    First published Monday 25 March 2013 in Columnists
    Last updated 09:08 Monday 25 March 2013 by Aleia Abbas, Political and current affairs columnist

    Children’s Minister Edward Timpson called for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst.

    But is the Pakistani commuity in 'collective denial'? and why have other MP's quickly backed up such views?

    Mr Timpson told a Commons inquiry into street grooming that in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities’ or political correctness’.

    Politicians have failed to discuss this type of crime sensitively.

    Jack Straw MP, for instance made comments on BBC Newsnight's about how some British Pakistani men are “fizzing and popping with testosterone” and see white girls as “easy meat”.

    On BBC radio 4 last year he also said “There is an issue of ethnicity here which can’t be ignored, and that is an issue which has to be faced and addressed within the Asian community about what’s going on there.

    "That kind of leads to a sense of denial by them that all this is going on. These are small communities so people will have a rough idea that people are abusing white girls in this way”.

    Mr Straw’s (who was Home Secretary at the time) own brother was convicted in 2000 of indecent assault on girl, aged 16 – so it is surprising that he doesn’t understand that families and communities don’t always know when criminal activity is taking place under their very nose.

    What is also worrying is this notion of ‘collective responsibility’ for members of the Asian community, would the same be asked of white British people?

    Would they be accused of having a sense of ‘denial’ or that they will have a ‘rough idea’ when abuse is going on in their communities?

    There is a suggestion of there being some kind of conspiracy of silence within the Asian community, that somehow we all know when young girls are being abused and that we somehow ‘close ranks’.

  • ISIS: The Monster Stamped 'Made In America'

    As Dave the Dickhead prepares to strip us of more civil rights and liberties (including the right to vote UKIP, defect to UKIP or even point out that anyone who says UKIP are racist is illiterate) on the grounds that Saddam Hussein's Weapons Of Mass destruction ISIS pose a real and immediate threat to Barack Obama's legacy british National Security this snippet from an article in the World Socialist Web Site shows where the real terrorist threat resides:

    ... The fact remains, however, that the US, the major European powers, and their regional allies all previously lent financial, military and political support to ISIS and similar groups, which have “Made in the USA” stamped all over them. They have, until now, played a significant part in Washington’s efforts to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as part of a broader effort to gain control of the region’s vast energy resources and transit routes.

    For three years, the US, along with the Gulf states and Turkey, poured billions into “opposition” groups, supposedly to unnamed “moderates,” but in reality to Al Qaeda-linked Sunni groups such as al-Nusra and ISIS to spearhead a sectarian war. The US, Turkey and Jordan have operated a base in Jordan where US instructors trained dozens of ISIS members. In an article last year, the New York Times confirmed that the CIA assisted Arab governments and Turkey by airlifting weaponry to these groups in Jordan and Turkey. The Guardian reported last March that British and French instructors were also involved.

    ISIS: The jihadist movement stamped “Made in America”

    As Little Nicky Machiavelli has always said: It is not Russia or China or Al Qaeda that threaten the security of nations in the free world, it is the United States of America, the various governments of which, for the past several decades have been pursuing a goal of global hegemony. As the WSWS claims, ISIS was formed to start the world war the Obama administration's ineptitude has failed several time to provoke. And our fuckwit leaders have been helping so the seeds of their own nations' destruction. FFS.


    Henry Kissinger On The New World Order

  • Scandal hit Rotherham ‘deleted abuse files’

    rotherham sex scandal
    During the Rotherham by election campaign UKIP's vote was boosted when left wing bigots in the social services department removed two children from a foster home because the foster parents were UKIP supporters. So according to these hypocrites its better to be getting gang raped by paedophiles than cared for by Kippers.

    In a move that puts them among the contenders for lying, self serving shits of the decade, a title previously held by the lying, self serving shits of East Anglia University Climate Research Unit and their famous Climategate email scandal, but still in a league of their own un terms of complete and utter shittiness, it has emerged that the scum sucking scab lice of Rotherham Council's controlling Labour group and the public servants they employed had deleted files in order to cover up their complicity in the blatant and systematic child abuse perpetrated under the noses of council officials.

    What's worse of course is that it is now known that senior officials and police officers helped cover up the crimes (mostly committed by Pakistani men) because they feared being accused of racism.

    This is not an indictment of Pakistani men, the people involved were only a very small minority, those not willing to accept they had emigrated to a country where a girl's sexual availability is not determined by the fact that she is out of her home alone or with only female friends.

    It is however an indictment of the cancerous culture of political correctness and left wing hypocrisy and double standards that have corrupted the public sector in Britain.

    from the Daily Telegraph:

    ‘Top ranking staff ordered raids to delete and remove case files and evidence detailing the scale of Rotherham’s child exploitation scandal, sources have revealed.

    More than 10 years before the damning independent inquiry revealed sexual exploitation of 1,400 children in Rotherham a raid was carried out on the orders of senior staff to destroy evidence, it has been claimed.

    In 2002 high profile personnel at Rotherham Council ordered a raid on Risky Business, Rotherham council’s specialist youth service, which offered one-to-one help and support to vulnerable teenage girls, ahead of the findings of a draft report, according to the Times.

    Also read:

    Rotherham sex abuse report author: 'The utter brutality is what shocked me most’

    Here are a couple of extracts quoted by Elizabeth Grice from an Interview with the report author Alexis Jay:

    “The utter brutality is what shocked me most,” she says. “It is really hard to describe it – the horrible nature of the sexual acts and the brutality of the controls these girls were subjected to. There was a vast amount of truly horrific material. I was taken aback at how callous, how violent, the operations were. These were girls of 11 and 12. They were children. The violence was worst. Petrol dousing was used as a form of intimidation. Oral and anal sex were so often a means of control and punishment. It was truly frightening that people in our country could be doing that.”

    “I had no idea when I started out of the true scale of child-sex offending or the brutality,” she says. “You would not be human not to be affected. I would not like it if I wasn’t. It made me all the more determined to make some kind of redress for the victims. To say: 'I believe you.’ I understand [from conducting an investigation into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the Western Isles] how much it means to child victims to have their story told. And to be believed.”

    And (if you don't mind using one of you five-a-month free articles from the Financial Times) UKIP has Rotherham in its sights after child sex abuse scandal

    There is of course a lot more to come out on child sex in the council care system, the celebrity sex scandals have simply been a diversion. Big names like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith are sensational and sell newspapers but the worst abusers operate under the radar, and behind the shield of left wing political correctness it seems.

    Centralized power - the worst of all possible worlds

    Rotherham - Bad New For The Nation But It Gets Better And Better For The Kippers
    Why The Left Love Paedophiles
    Politically Correct threat to free speech
    Children and The New World Order
    Latest neo-nazi-Liberal Outrage - The Criminalization Of Parenthood
    Politically Correct Thinking - A Straitjacket On Liberty
    Why Do Those On The Political Left Assume They Have A Monopoly On Goodness And Truth
    Conspiracy Theorists Are Sane

  • Foley Beheading Outrage Staged Say Experts

    It's ironic in view of the fact that so many recent Little Nicky Machiavelli and Boggart Blog post centering on the story of Malaysia Airlines flight mh17, that the two subsequent lead stories in world news, the starving of the Yazidi n Iraq by ISIS rebels and the beheading of American journalist Michael Foley have turned out to be not quite what the mainstream media reported.

    What has held the attention of Little Nicky about the MH17 saga was not so much the atrocity itself as the determination of one particular blogger (and his imaginary friends) at this site to deny the authenticity of any evidence suggesting the attack was a false flag staged by the Kiev government in order to give US rent-boy President and Coke-addict-In-Chief an excuse to start a shooting war with Russia, while simultaneously offering as evidence to support his "It were Putin wot done it," narrative the explanation that "our side don't tell lies'.

    Even the CIA have refused to back Obama's version of events and the latest leak from the top secret cover - up investigation of the MH17 disaster is even more shocking. but I will deal with that elsewhere.

    Over the weekend as hysteria increased over the alleged beheading of Michael Foley the first rumours that the event may have been staged were met with the inevitable cries of 'conspiracy theory'.

    I did not watch the video so I can't say if the video looked like amateur dramatics or not. In these cases I reserve judgement (as I did in the case of the downed Boeing 777 - and I've lost count of the time I've explained to the want-war blogger that disbelieving the Americans does not imply that one believes the Russians.)

    In the case of the jounalist, obviously neither I not anybody else can say if he is still alive but perhaps a prisoner, was killed in crossfire, was captured and executed in a less barbaric way or if the whole thing is a fabrication. All I know is this time the cries of 'conspiracy theory' hve quickly evaporated to be replaced by claims of fakery such as the one reported in The Times.

    What we should remember is that while western leaders were prepared to accept at face value the beheading story because it suited their purpose, they were very eager to accept the equally dodgy narrative from the US / EU backed neo-nazi junta in Kiev because the USA is set on dragging its allies into a war with Russia and China.

    That 'our' side are just as evil as 'the dark side' is too shocking for the leftie screechers to get their little heads round.

    ANALYSIS: The beheading of James Foley is a fake. The beheading of African bank accounts isn’t.

    Foley murder video 'may have been staged' - Daily Telegraph

    and finally

    Jim Foley beheading a Fake? in starts with these words:

    "Did anyone watch it? Don't worry it doesn't show anything gruesome. Why would ISIS use special effects? Why would they fade out before the gruesome part? Terrorist have shown beheadings in the part. If ISIS is so sadistic as being labeled, why would they sensor a beheading?"

    ... and goes on to point out the obvious flaws and errors in the video posted online.

    The problem many people have of course is that they are so afraid of learning that western governments are really no different from those governments we have been told for decades are our enemies, they must now keep thesmselves in complete denial of reality.


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