In a last desperate bid to preserve some credibility Tony Blair asked voters to think about Labour's successes before casting their vote. Little Nicky Machiavelli asks the same of you. Since coming to power Labour, the people's party have:

Successfully sold of most of the nations (our) remaining public assets for knock down prices not to us but to American owned multi national corporations;

Lied about Weapons of mass destruction to drag us into an unwinnable war;

Contracted out work in the public sector to contractors who are far better equipped to raise invoices than to deliver services;

Given the Scots and Welsh their own national assemblies at enormous cost but without any benefit to either the whole nation or its component parts;

Introduced Private Finance Initiatives in health and education that allow contractors to charge exhorbitant management fees for managing new hospitals and schools they have not actually built;

Reduced road safety measures to a form of taxation;

Abandoned investment in public transport because forcing people to have their own cars brings in more revenue;

Screwed up the pension system;

Screwed up education;

Screwed up tax credits;

Screwed up the National Health service;

Screwed up everything else.

So please before you vote, think about Labour's successes. And then vote for somebody else. ANYBODY ELSE.