It is not often we get chance to say something nice about a Labour minister so kudos to Ian Pearson, the environment minister who has revealed that compliance with new controls on carbon emissions by airliners is pretty much voluntary for flight operators (and that the Americans regard themselves as exempt.)
Climate Change deniers have always said, with some justification, that emissions from aircraft are, by volume, small compared with the amount of pollution being pumped out by industry and road transport. This however is a classic case of concealing a lie within a truth.
While aircraft emissions amount to less carbon pollution than is caused by other sources it is where those emissions are emitted that is the problem. Gases like carbon dioxide and methane become greenhouse gases when they reach the upper atmosphere. This is because while shortwave radiation from the sun easily penetrates to the planet surface where it is reflected as longer wave radiation that is absorbed by carbon gases and water vapour thus trapping heat.
Pumping carbon dioxide into the troposphere at altitude 25000 or above, where there is no rain to mop up mess and no plants to turn carbon into leaves and stems is a much more efficient way to pollute than simply squirting shite around at ground level. And of course, as the air density is much less the same amount of pollutants can spread themselves a lot further.
In the face of corporate protests that the airlines and the oil companies are being victimised Pearson is the first politician to acknowledge without first removing himself from office, that maybe, just maybe, the victims here are the poor buggers whose homes are being swept away in floods, wrecked by hurricanes and typhoons, whose crops and livelihoods are being destroyed by droughts and ice storms, whose health problems are being exacerbated by excessive heat or cold might actually be the real victims in all this.
In doing so he has exposed the traitor and war criminal Blair as a fraud more concerned with his legacy that the wellbeing of the public. He has also show that the gesture politics of King Kenute of Livingstone are just a smokescreen to conceal stealth taxes and have no chance of turning back the tide of climate change.
Before we British can start doing out bit to save the Earth two things must happen:
(1) We must find a way to elect a government that will stand up to corporate bullying.
(2) We must find a Prime Minister who will stand up to American bullying.

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If you were hoping for the article on avoiding exhorbitant rail fares today, it will be along tomorrow providing there are no more SHOCK! HORROR! Politician Tells The Truth stories to distract me.