Stung by criticism of the inept and profligate ways of the team he heads, "Lord" Seb Coe, the man respoinsible for delivering the 2012 Olympic Schlockfest has hit back angrily (ooooooh!) at accusations that progress reports coming out of the Olympic p[roject press office are "pure bunkum" and the Games are just a firey pit into which steroid enhanced stokers clad in leather harness and gimp masks are shovelling huge piles of taxpayers money.
The games, he says, are bringing regeneration to a rundown part of London. It will, he claims, lead to the creation of job opportunities and the building of new homes.
Now who is going to buy these new homes we wonder? Not the low paid service secor workers who will fill the new jobs, nor the displaced council tenants (of whom between 10 and 15% are classed as disabled or vulnerable) who are mostly earning well below the national average income.
You can bet your life savings on that.