The Heathrow protest has begun. Kudos to the protesters who will brave another round of tropical storms and the indignities of camping in a thistle patch to make their point. Shame on the authorities who are illegally using anti terrorist laws againt the protest to suppress the protest and try to establish a precedent that denies us the right to protest peacefully.

And yah, boo, sucks (OK, Im not ashamed of the kind of education I had) to those politicians whose weasel words try to convince us that more, bigger airports will be good for everyone, creating jobs and encouraging British business.

The only people who will benefit in the long term from expansion are those who deny climate change and champion globalisation. The public mood is shifting against them though, Little Nicky can feel it in his water.

But it is ironic, is it not, that the protest begins on the anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, another crude and ham fisted attempt to crush a campaign for social change by the illegal and unjustified use of force.

The Peterloo Massacre on Wikipedia