Little Nicky Machiavelli has always been a champion of freedom of speech and thought so it was understandable that some concerned cititzen of the United States where the facism of Plotically Correct control freakery is running rampant would point me at a post about a student at Purdue University, indiana who was spotted by some black students reading a book title Notre Dame vs The Klan they accused him of racism.

The book tells of the stance by Notre Dame, the largest Roman Catholic university in the United States against the influence of the Klan. But thast did not matter to the accusers of Keith John Sampson, he was reading a book that had Ku Klux Klan in the title so that made him a racist, right? If you subscribe to politically correct thinking it is.

Well I've watched Queer As Folk, that doesn't make me gay does it?

The story illustrates what America is turning into under the Obama Nazis.

Simpson was eventually cleared by the university authorities but the Obama Nazis and the Politically Correct Thought Police know they can never be wrong and so the story and his name are plastered all over the internet for future employers to see.

And his crime, let's remember, was not that he was supporting a racist organisation but that rather than beng told by the Politically Correct Though Police what he thought of the KKK he wanted to read the evidence and make up his own mind.

One wonders how long it will be before Obama orders all copies of books his supporters do not like to be burned.

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