It is not often we agree with The Daily Mail or The Mail On Sunday but they are right on the Swine Flu vaccine story. Technically we are not agreeing with them (phew !!!!) as we had the vaccine danger story over at The Daily Stirrer yesterday and have been running regular updates on it for several months. Follow the link at our Daily Stirrer Just-Say-No article and you will find a page run by medical professionals featuring articles on why not just Swine Flu but many vaccines should not be trusted.

The problem, which relates to how the vaccines stimulate the auto-immune system to go hyper in response to a very weak dose of vaccine, is explained thoroughly in a level headed and professional way. How different to the attitude of the boy-scientists who have visited Little Nicky Machiavelli in the past when we have questioned the integrity of the healthcare industry and whose defence of suspect medical products consists of telling us we cannot possibly understand a scientific issue because we are not scientists.

In all these cases however, the science is not the point at issue. IT'S THE MONEY. And we can all understand that.

So when the government is telling you that your family must be vaccinated with a potentially lethal vaccine against a disease that will in most cases be very mild, when the Government is muttering darkly about making it a criminal offence to refuse a vaccine which in a Swine Flue epidemic in the USA in 1975 actually killed more people than he Swine Flu infection, just THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY those New Labour donors in the Pharmaceutical Industry stand to make out of vaccinating us all. And the tell Mr. Brown and his cronies to fuck off.

How seriously should we take scientists? Recent posts at Boggart Blog, including Crocodile Snack Science offer a big clue.