Our civil liberties have been systematically attacked by the control freak government of New Labour. The Tories do not look as if they will do better on issues of personal freedoms in fact it is rumoured their draft manifesto includes a committment to restore droit de seigneur, Lib Dem leader Nick (Shagger) Clegg says this is his party's moment. But with the main parties jumping on the public spending curbs bandwagon Vince Cable alone has labouiously pushed for so long, will the Lib Dems have the balls to take the civil liberties issue as their own. Labour as the party of sureveillance, databases are and national ID cards easy to hit but how does Clegg show dubious voters that faced with tough questions on personal freedom Cameron's Bullingdon Bullies aka Lord Snooty And His Pals simply burst into a chorus of Lloyd George Knew My Father.