From Malakeas' idea.

Make this pledge to yourself

My name is XXXXX XXXXXXXXX and I will no longer
tolerate online stalkers.

I will not feed their fire by responding to their comments or posts except in three ways:

1. I will choose to delete their offending comment if I can
2. I will ignore their comments/posts on another blog
3. And then, I will move on.

I will not give them blogging space or another thought for there are many other people here that deserve my energy and attention.

May this blogging community regain its blogging spirit and take back this community from stalkers and claim it as their own.

If you believe this as well, then copy and post this on your blog with your user name.

That is all.

Kudos to RI Thompson for circulating this. Trolls need to be made to understand we have no duty or obligation to give a platform to their views. We are not denying their right of free speech, they can write what the hell they like on their own blogs - and not get read because they are not smart enough to learn how to generate traffic :)