I read today that readers of The Currant Bun had show remakable good sense in deciding by a considerable majority that in the even of a hung parliament with Conservatives the largest party the best option would be for David Cameron to try to form a Grand Coalition involving both Lib Dem and Labour members in the cabinet.

We know that will never happen as long as Gordon Brown leads the Labour Party. If Alan Johnson or Alistair Darling, both competent ministers but not Prime Miniter material, could easily step up it might be just what the country needs. A period when party politics is set aside would make solving our problems easier.

What if another Labour leader emerges. One half of "Deadward" Milliband for example, the Thunderbird puppet of the Harry Potter lookalike, or worse Ed Balls.

Well Mr. Bollocks' chances seem to have taken a nosedive. Guido Fawkes has this story which would no doubt go viral if Balls-up announced he was up for the leadership. Balls Attacked For Expenses Abuses

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