We have heard a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Eurolefties over the weekend about how David Cameron had betrayed us to suck up to the Eurosceptics in his own party.


Well rather the British Rabid Right than the New World Order.

Dave didn't jump, he was pushed out of the EU inner party that is planning a EuroBig Brother regime.

It was the intransigence of Germany and France on the financial transactions tax wot done it. I have explained before this tax is not a levy on bank profits, not even on the profit they make on each transaction but a half per cent levy on the value of the transaction. And international banking deals often have a margin of half a per cent or less (half a percent of a billion punds is a nice day's wages - do the maths).

Clearly Merkozy were trying to trash The City which our economy is far too reliant on for us not to defend it. I am no fan of bankers but let's be realistic, this was not an attack on banking in general but an attack on Britain, a clear sign that Merkozy want to raid the London banks to offset the financial burden of propping up the basket case economies.

Or maybe the Gallic shortarse and the "unfuckable lardarse" are labouring under the misapprehension that if they shut down London with their Brithate tax the world's financial centre will move to the overtaxed, over regulated regimes of Paris or Franfurt rather than Wall Street or Zurich.

Proof yet again that politicians do not live on planet reality.

Can The Euro Be Saved

The only thing I wish had been different is that instead of saying a new treaty and common fiscal overshight was not in Britain's interests, Dave (6' 2") had said to the gnome Sarko (4' 2") Oi, shortarse, let's get this sorted. Me and you outside, NOW!"

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