American's are an uptight, humourless lot. Oh they may tel us Brits to lighten up because we don't like being hugged by total strangers, but they never get the joke do they.

The only time you see Americas laughing is when they have just shot somebody.

It was a pleasant surprise then to log into an American news site and read a review of the surviving candidates in the battle for nomination as the Republican candidate for the Presidential election that made me grin.

First up of the candidates under the microscope was the asset stripping, dog torturing, Mormon and current front runner Mitt Romney. The reporter said "Though he is the choice of the party hierarchy Romney cannot engage with the voters.

When he speaks it is like Mr. Spock reading a love poem, he says all the right words but can't do the emotions.

Which is true. The Republican's problem is none of the others can either.